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“All three human resources speeches and lectures on HR topics were very interesting. The focus and highlight of the event was the human resources keynote by Gunther Wolf!”

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Human resources speech: Gunther Wolf as keynote speaker for human resources topics

Three lectures on human resources issues: Attracting applicants, reducing fluctuation, strengthening employer attractiveness

Human resources presentation: Gunther Wolf as keynote speaker for human resources topics
Human resources presentation: Gunther Wolf as keynote speaker for human resources topics

Four human resources speakers, three human resources keynote speeches: Nine cities are included in this year’s list of human resources speeches at the HR network meetings. In each of these nine cities Marcus Lucashen from Jobware opens the round of human resources speakers with a short summary of the results of the current applicant trend report.

He is followed by Gunther Wolf as human resources keynote speaker. His speech is about reducing fluctuation, employee retention and motivation. Dorothee Reiser and employer branding expert Nevin Urunc conclude by presenting to the audience the optimal approach to designing internal and external employer attractiveness.

HR network meeting with high-calibre speeches

Word has gotten around in personnel management circles: At the HR network meetings the participants can expect a top-class line-up of human resources speakers. The organizer always proves a good antenna for topics that are currently burning on the nails of human resources managers. The evening meetings not only offer space for networking and the consumption of excellent finger food, but also a whole series of practice-oriented lectures.

The focus of this year’s meetings is on the topic “Recruit, inspire and retain staff”. It makes sense to start the event with a lecture by Marcus Lucashen. He will present the results of the current Jobware trend report in extracts.

Human resources speech: Why employees change

This study was carried out by forsa at the beginning of the year and provides information on three important questions: What is the state of employees’ willingness to change jobs? What do applicants value in their new employer? What are the current reasons why employees change jobs?

As this study had already been carried out in 2015 and 2017, it revealed some very interesting trends and tendencies for the participating human resources managers. With the question “What has to be done to keep the employees” the jobware expert creates an elegant transition to the human resources keynote by Gunther Wolf. In recent years, he has been increasingly in demand as an eloquent expert when it comes to a personnel presentation on the subject of fluctuation, employee retention and loyalty.

Human resources keynote speaker Gunther Wolf

Also for the HR network meetings only Gunther Wolf was considered as a human resources keynote speaker. After the first three events, Dorothee Reiser, Managing Director at the organiser, can already draw a positive interim balance:

“Gunther Wolf is just the right person for our event series. His specialist knowledge and experience, coupled with his pleasant and lively presentation style, involve the participants from the very first moment and offer real added value. Together with the other presentations, the result is an all-round successful evening. This is underlined by the high number of participants, positive feedback and the lively networking that followed. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the previous events and look forward to all the others to come.”

Keynote speaker in dialogue

Gunther Wolf convinces as a human resources speaker through high flexibility. No human resource keynote speech is like the other. In all his HR speeches, questions and comments from the audience are always welcome. In this way, the experienced HR speaker gives his speeches even more authenticity, life and practice. As a human resources speaker, Wolf integrates all the remarks of the human resources managers into his speech.

He deliberately allows the transformation of the human resources speech from a frontal sounding to a dialogue between the human resources managers and him that is highly interesting for everyone. Therefore, as a human resources speaker, all listeners are attentive, listen and participate. Although he makes every lecture interesting and lively by taking up the aspects mentioned by the participants, the red thread of the keynote is always maintained.

Keynote speech employer attractiveness

Dorothee Reiser and employer branding expert Nevin Urunc conclude the human resources speeches: They will show the participants how to optimally design internal and external employer attractiveness. They have packed many successful examples, photos of workshops and a clear approach into their presentation. This includes the video on guerrilla recruiting, which gives a good insight into cheeky, courageous and creative personnel marketing.

At the end of the nine HR presentations Dorothee Reiser, as the client, wrote to Gunther Wolf: “I was thrilled by your speech and you as the speaker! You have a sympathetic and humorous way of communicating even complex contents. Well-founded specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience. You give lively and understandable examples. I particularly liked the way you interact with the participants. The content structure of the speech was perfect: The participants are taken along, learn a lot and can apply their new knowledge directly. In terms of content, I found the background information and thus important arguments for employee retention particularly valuable, the practical example for assessing employee retention and the examples and presentation of the effects and results of employee retention.”

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We will be happy to send you further participant votes on request, just ask for them. Also, if you would like to book Gunther Wolf or an expert from our team for a human resources speech, please contact the human resources strategy experts.

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Human resources speech: Gunther Wolf as keynote speaker for human resources topics