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“Our customers expect highly professional services and innovative solutions for any company-related questions they may have. They also expect systems that work and practical tools that will give them a head start against their competitors.”

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Gunther Wolf

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Management Consultant Gunther Wolf
Management Consultant Gunther Wolf

Gunther Wolf is a certified corporate management and strategy planning consultant. With degrees in both economics and psychology, he has a great deal of business acumen. He works in Germany, across Europe and around the world. The German management consultant is also the author of several highly awarded management publications and is in great demand as a keynote speaker for current management topics.

Gunther Wolf studied business sciences at the Universities of Cologne (Economics) and Wuppertal in the 1980s, majoring in the fields of finance, controlling and business management. He also worked in Professor Schiller’s and Professor Heier’s departments.

Training and the interplay between economics and psychology

Alongside his major he also studied psychology at the Universities of Wuppertal and Trier. He has a degree in both economics and psychology. Gunther Wolf carries the German academic titles Diplom-Ökonom and Diplom-Psychologe.

Gunther Wolf began his career with sales and marketing training. He started out by designing outdoor adventure-oriented customer events and loyalty incentives for a food and beverages company. Gunther Wolf is considered to be the inventor of the loyalty card in credit card format, as it is still known today, which is how he established his reputation as a mastermind when it comes to fostering enthusiastic customer and employee loyalty.

Focusing on the sustainable creation of value

In order to create more active, memorable, and sustainable experiences, Gunther Wolf carried out his team and management training sessions in the wilderness in the middle of Sweden, amongst other places. That is how he became Germany’s – if not Europe’s – first outdoor management trainer. He wrote the first book ever about this training method. The book with the title “Indoor Outdoor Management Development” (all his books here) sold well in the USA but was not published in Germany because of a lack of interest on the part of German publishers. Being a forward thinking person, Gunther Wolf founded First European Outdoor Training Center in 1984, establishing sites in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Gunther Wolf recognized that there was a huge potential for improvement in many of his customers’ businesses in the fields of goal and strategy-oriented human resources management. He used his experience in implementing human resources measures through practical means to establish demand-oriented concepts for his customers in the field of human resource development. These concepts were: systems for the agreement of objectives, potential analyses, competency models, succession planning, talent management systems and innovative selection processes. To develop these further, he took on highly successful individual interim management assignments in the fields of HR, sales and marketing.

Performance: Exploiting potential

It is no great surprise that Gunther Wolf’s next logical step was to dedicate himself to developing his consulting expertise in the field of performance management. From the mid 1990s onwards, the German management consultant successfully implemented several restructuring, merger, acquisition and divesture projects together with his customers that were all geared towards maximizing efficiency. These changes were accompanied by implementing effective change management and cogent measures from the field of post-merger integration. Gunther Wolf has been consulting company executives in the art of developing, implementing and updating company strategies, visions and goals since 2000. Together with his team, he ensures the implementation of strategic planning at successive management levels.

International recognition as a certified German management consultant came in 2004 after the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) granted their approval. Gunther Wolf also received certified recognition by the European Business School (EBS). Between 1995 and today, Wolf has created innovations in goal, measurement and incentive systems, among others. In addition, he gave a powerful impetus to the development of strategic performance management systems such as the balanced scorecard.

Innovation: Implementing strategies efficiently

Today, the idea of goal optimization as a development of conventional goal setting is gaining more and more importance. Gunther Wolf is not only a pioneer in this field; he is also a leading expert in the fields of online marketing, new media and e-commerce.

By 1984 he had already grasped and developed the notion of creating vouchers as gifts and turned this idea into a business model. Gunther Wolf realized the challenges that demographic change would bring early on. In 2005 the German management consultant developed the concept of individual employee loyalty, which remains an important issue for many companies today.

Thoroughbred german management consultant

Seemingly unsolvable challenges and new developments continue to stir up excitement in the thoroughbred German management consultant: “Our customers expect highly professional services and innovative solutions for any company-related questions they may have. They also expect systems that work and practical tools that will give them a head start against their competitors.” Gunther Wolf has experience in the functional fields of finance, controlling, marketing, sales and human resources and has know-how in strategic corporate planning and corporate management. On a national and international level, he is a valued management coach and management consultant for company owners and executives and to German mid-tier companies that operate on a global scale.

If you would like to discuss your challenges with Gunther Wolf or a member of Gunther Wolf’s team, please contact the experts on strategies, goals and performance.

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German Management Consultant Gunther Wolf