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The new Performance Management book by Gunther Wolf has been published. What makes this book different from all other performance management books?
This performance management book has given me back the joy of performance management!

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The Performance Management Book

Performance management literature for practitioners

The Performance Management Book: Literature for practitioners
The Performance Management Book: Literature for practitioners

The Performance Management book by Gunther Wolf is aimed at the company management, executives and personnel management.

What makes this book different from the entire performance management literature currently available and all other performance management books? The clear focus on profitability.

In this book, the reader learns how to optimize the cost-benefit ratio of an existing performance management system in a targeted manner.

This book on performance management offers personnel management helpful practical tips, techniques and methods for designing and introducing the necessary systems in a way that reduces costs, and for monitoring their implementation.

A bestseller from now on

The book was published only a few days ago. And yet it has already made the leap into the top ten of the Amazon bestseller list. None of the other performance management books has done that. What makes the book so successful? What content can the reader expect in the new Performance Management book?

The performance of a company is justified by its potential and at the same time limited: Potential describes the ability of a company and its employees to perform and achieve success. Performance therefore requires sufficient potential, understood as qualifications, professional and interdisciplinary skills of the workforce.

Sustainably increasing potential

And this potential in turn increases both quantitatively and qualitatively as a result of a corresponding increase in performance at individual and company level. It is the task of performance management or managers to control this interaction.

For this reason, Gunther Wolf describes in great detail in his book on performance management in the first step, which procedures lead to continuous potential improvements. He shows all the obstacles that can cause potential reductions. These include, for example, the unwanted departure of key people who held functions of strategic relevance. Or carelessness in strategic personnel development: if, for example, competencies that are important for the future viability of the company are not built up.

In-depth performance management literature

The Performance Book offers diverse solutions and starting points for counteracting impending losses of potential. Using many examples, the performance expert shows the simple-to-implement techniques that every manager can use to achieve powerful potential increases in the unit for which he or she is responsible.

In a second step, the author takes a detailed look at the mechanisms that lead to significant performance improvements on the levels of person, team, department, division and the company as a whole. After all, performance improvement ultimately represents the primary, value-creating benefit of a performance management system.

Book Performance Management: Reduce Effort

On the other hand there are the costs. In many companies the monetary input for performance management is not exactly low. And the time required of managers at all levels is also often high. Too high, says Gunther Wolf.

That’s why he describes in great detail and in clear words which efforts are worthwhile and which are not. The performance expert now has around 30 years of experience and provides tips and impulses for practical application. On the one hand, managers learn in the book which methods and instruments they can use to facilitate performance management.

Profitability-oriented performance management literature

On the other hand, HR managers and corporate executives take helpful techniques from the book on performance management with them to make their performance management systems more cost effective. According to author Wolf, there are countless starting points for significant improvements. In many companies, for example, performance management processes do not run optimally.

Book Performance Management: Hard Facts

25 innovative performance management methods, 132 helpful tips, 7 central principles, 326 pages, 35 figures, 28 tables. Published by Haufe-Lexware, Freiburg. ISBN Print: 978-3-648-10586-3, ISBN ePub: 978-3-648-10587-0, ISBN ePDF: 978-3-648-10588-7. » View now.

The author describes the case of a medium-sized company in which the employees at the lowest level of the hierarchy only learned their annual targets when the business year was already half over. This is where the so-called Cascading Day, which Wolf has developed, helps. This enables this to be achieved in just one day. The Performance Book is peppered with such innovative tips, which have already been tried and tested in practice several times.

Performance management literature disappointing

Most performance management books do not really offer the reader anything valuable and new. All performance management literature is limited to telling executives that they have to do what they have to do and how they have to do it. It’s no wonder that many supervisors consider performance management a must, a more or less tiresome duty.

The Performance Book by Gunther Wolf is different. It makes every manager keen on performance management and brings back the joy that some have already lost. The supervisor takes a multitude of tips and tricks with him/her to help performance management relieve him/her of the burden of leadership instead of burdening him/her. He learns from the performance expert how performance management creates benefits for him on a daily basis that more than compensate for the effort involved.

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The performance management book: literature for practitioners