WOLF Management Consultancy: Strategic consulting, objective consulting and performance consulting for supervisory bodies and management levels

Management Consultancy in Germany. Strategy Consulting. Objective Consulting. Performance Consulting.

“Expect a high ROI from your consulting investment, best quality results and efficient procedures.” WOLF® Management Consultancy Strategic consulting, objective consulting and performance consulting for supervisory bodies and management levels WOLF® management consultancy is the Management Board / Advisory Board Consulting Division of I.O. Group® Wolf®. The team around the graduate economist and graduate psychologist Gunther Wolf provides highly professional consulting services for owners, board members and managing directors, for advisory boards and supervisory boards. WOLF® management consultants advise supervisory …

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Motivation Keynote Speaker Gunther Wolf: High employee motivation is included in employee retention!

Employee retention and loyalty. Motivation is included!

Keynote Leadership | The fact that employee retention and motivation are particularly closely related is undoubtedly part of the basic knowledge of every HR manager. But how exactly do these two corporate success factors depend on each other? And what are the mechanisms with which company management, personnel managers and executives can control both employee retention and motivation? In order to gain clarity, the entrepreneurs, who are organised as alumni of the Zürcher Kantonalbank, asked the expert Gunther Wolf for two things: On the one hand, he should be available as a keynote speaker for motivation and employee retention at the next alumni event. On the other hand, the Motivation Keynote Speaker was to write a practice-oriented white paper for ZKB Alumni on this topic.

The Performance Management Book: Literature for practitioners

Performance Management Book

Book Corporate Strategy | The Performance Management book by Gunther Wolf is aimed at the company management, executives and personnel management. What makes this book different from the entire performance management literature currently available and all other performance management books? The clear focus on profitability. In this book, the reader learns how to optimize the cost-benefit ratio of an existing performance management system in a targeted manner. This book on performance management offers personnel management helpful practical tips, techniques and methods for designing and introducing the necessary systems in a way that reduces costs, and for monitoring their implementation.

book incentive system variable remuneration

Book incentive system: The number one book on payment systems

Book human resources strategy | This book on incentive systems and incentive-based pay systems comes at exactly the right time. The world of work is in upheaval, old incentive systems are working less and less or no longer at all. Well-designed incentive systems promote motivation, commitment and agility. Company management, HR business partners and executives, supported by a modern incentive system and a remuneration system that provides incentives, want to achieve more in and with your company. Gunther Wolf has written the book on incentive and remuneration systems precisely for this group of readers. All necessary elements of design, introduction, implementation and control are discussed in detail. The reader can expect countless practical examples and many tips from the field.